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Helping people in the UK take control their Credit Score

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Totally Money


On July 2018 I joined Totally Money a startup with the objective to help people understand their credit score and borrowing power in the UK. I was their first UX hire.

As designer I worked on squads that focused on different areas of the app. I was a sole designer in the squad in charge of the Credit Report area and maintenance of the mobile app later I transitioned to the squad in charge of the Offers.

The squads had a product owner, several developers and a UX/UI designer.

During my time at totally money I worked on different projects. Here are a few I selected to show:

Permissions Capture

Until the introduction of GDPR on 25th May, the TotallyMoney product relied on "soft opt-in by default" for all marketing communications during the registration process. This meant that 100% of all the customers were marketing-enabled from the start. And customers could unsubscribe from the email if they so wished after registration.

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Old permissions capture

Micro Feedback

We launched a new feature on the Totally Money platform, the Credit Report Analysis. This feature was designed with the intention to display concrete historical factors that affect the likelihood of someone getting a credit, such as loans, credit cards and mortgages.

A month after its release there was a noticeable increase of users in the platform:

- 45% increase in the people accessing their Credit report.
- 83% check the 3rd card in the Credit Report Analysis.
- 70% increase in people checking Credit Score History.
- 23% increase in people opening a dispute.
Those numbers were unusually high for our costumerbase.

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Feedback Module

Abandoned cart email

Totally money sends "abandoned cart" emails to users that have been exploring their credit card offers on the website 24h after. Another email is sent after a grace period of 7 days.

The marketing team initiated an A/B test to optimize the grace period to see if the conversion rate would increase above 17%. They tested the with the current option (control) 7 days after, with 14 days after and with 30 days after. None of the options presented changed the conversion significantly.

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TotalyMoney abandoned cart email

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