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Brian Oko


About Oko

I'm Spanish with African roots. I believe the exposure to different cultures during my upbringing helped me to see different perspectives. I have a curious analytical mind. I'm natural at combining a bird's eye view with a rodent's eye view when it comes to design.

My Design Philosophy


  1. Understanding users and business.
  2. Clearly defining the problems and prioritise the ones to tackle according to business values and user needs.
  3. Experimenting with ways to solve the problem collaboratively.
  4. Testing the most important hypothesis on how to solve the problems.
  5. Narrowing the solutions to desirability, feasibility, viability and impact.
  6. Refining the solution and releasing the solution.

Approach to Leadership

Easy-going servant leadership focused on growing the team member's skills and maturity. I'm open to criticism. I personalised my leadership style to the person. I appreciate timely communication. I use a reflective approach when communicating, to let people understand how to think about a situation. I use non-violent communication (which I'm still learning to implement) to resolve conflicts.

I value integrity and direct empathy.

Show rather than tell, assess conditions and act on small decisions quickly and big decisions slowly based on what we want to achieve, exemplify what we are trying to achieve.

Previous clients

Visa, Barclays, BBVA, Lush, Fiserv, Investec, Franke, the AA, Maserati, DAZN, Bunge, Marriot, Electrolux, Cisco, Swedbank, Nature, Flight Global, The restart project

Outside work

I have a side hustle, Makàra Strategic Foresight Agency. I also delve into AI-related projects to help Ndowéÿé people preserve their culture in an increasingly digital world.

You can find me making beats, practising animal movement, organising walks in nature with friends, watching anime, or reading manga.

If not, I'm probably playing with my 2 children.

Books & Podcasts

I'm currently reading, 'The Visual MBA' and 'The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership'.

I just read 'The Art of Long View', and 'The Creative Act: A Way of Being'.

During the pandemic, I hosted a short-lived podcast named “Signals from the Future”.

Frequently in my ear to 'The Knowledge Project', 'My First Million', "How to Take over the World", 'Deep questions' or 'Tetragrammaton'.

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