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The missing pieces

Ndowe Palabra por Palabra

t-shirt design for the Celebration of the Ndowe day
App Illustration Dictionary

The Ndowe is an ethnic group and the language spoken by 12% of the population of the tiny country of Equatorial Guinea. The Ndowe language hasn't been normalised or digitised as most knowledge is passed orally. As an ex Spanish colony, most Ndowe speak Spanish, but lack the support and resources to practice or read their own language. In an effort to promote the Ndowe language and culture I decided to create an app that translates to Spanish in the Ndowe. This project is work in progress.

Ndowe Day Celebration

t-shirt design for the Celebration of the Ndowe day
Event Generative AI Merchandise

The Ndowe is an ethnic group that is part of Equatorial Guinea, in the west coast of Africa at the latitude just above the equator. Every year on June 9th, Ndowe people like me celebrate their culture. This year, 2023, I decided to design a t-shirt with the emblem of a popular Ndowe folk tale using Midjourney. The t-shirts now available to buy.

Archy Learning

t-shirt design for the Celebration of the Ndowe day
Heuristic Evaluation UX/UI Redesign

The learning platform, that allowed schools and students to consume or create knowledge, had trouble understanding what was not working on the user experience after releasing their web-app a month before. I helped them identify the issues in the experience and redesigned the key areas that were affecting the experience.

Cross-cultural design framework

t-shirt design for the Celebration of the Ndowe day
Research Experimentation UX/UI Redesign

DTB had the hypothesis that cross-cultural design in the African continent was not really explored and didn't have a framework. So we decided to redesign the South African Airways app by using South African cultural references to explore the hypothesis and arrive to a framework.

The Emojis you don't have

t-shirt design for the Celebration of the Ndowe day
Experimentation Animation

Using the in between technique, I devised three new emoji concepts to enhance emotional expression: 'Combination' emojis for nuanced feelings, 'Sequence' emojis to depict evolving reactions, and 'Voice-controlled' emojis that mimic sender's expressions, enhancing voice messages' emotional tone. Find the full article here.

Fab Lab Umeå

t-shirt design for the Celebration of the Ndowe day
Co-iniciating Pitching Set Up

I co-initiated a Fab Lab in Umeå, an open workshop where everyone can learn how to use digital fabrication and manufacturing technologies. In 2012, we started presenting our vision for the space to the Umeå Campus representatives, in 2014 was officially inaugurated.

10 sec animation

t-shirt design for the Celebration of the Ndowe day

In 2012 I entered an animation contest. The submission needed to be a 10 sec animation that started and ended with a square. The selected submissions would be shown in a "reel" to promote the participants. After creating a storyboard and elements for the animation a spend a day creating parts of the animation with regular interpolations and others with frame by frame animation. The result was release in a secondary reel by the contest organizers.

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