UX Designer & Explorer

“Design wouldn’t exist without problems, breakthroughs would exist without exploration.”
- Explorimentalist

Currently available for 3-6 months freelance contracts

Hello, my name is Brian Oko

I use design as a tool to solve problems. Some people like to call me UX Designer, Product Designer. My background is in Interaction Design and Industrial design engineering.

In my 8 years of experience

In digital design, I've worked at TotallyMoney, Big Radical, Method, Designit, Smart Design and Electrolux.
Where I learned and practised UX Design, Strategic Foresight, Animation, Storytelling, Prototyping, Process design, Testing, Speculative Design, Creative Direction, Filming.

My selected work includes

Easy Log in
and other projects I contributed to bring to live at Totally Money, the
Maserati GT 2018 Campaign,
helping Maserati to celebrate the launch of their signature car,
redesigning its fundamental app features, 
FabLab in Umeå
opening a Fabrication Laboratory in northern Sweden and
, my MA thesis in which I found a solution to the electronic waste.

I also had the chance to design for brands like O2, Franke, Barclays, Bank of Ireland, Bunge, Flight Global, Visa, Lush or Cisco. If you want to see more commercial work, please contact me.

I write my thoughts sometimes

In articles like Forecasting: Look forward, then decide, I tried making music withAI, The soul of the UI, or Five things I learned prototyping UI animation or my ideas on The emojis you don't have or at least you didn't have when I wrote it.